Hello, I’m Rajib Ahmed, studying in Computer Science and Engineering at Dhaka International University. Highly interested for programming, writing blogs, web development and design. I Love to travel and browsing Internet for learning anything. Google is my best teacher! Thats enough about myself.


2015-Present at BCS Administration Academy

2013-2015 IT Support Engineer

Shehan Group


BSc in Computer Science and Engineering

Dhaka International University

Diploma in Electronics Engineering

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute.

SSC In Computer

Tofail Ali Technical Scholl and College.

Technical Skills

Operating System: Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, CentOS) and Mac iOS.

Server Administration: (Windows, Linux and Mac OS)

Networking Administration: Cisco, Mikrotik and Others Brand

SSH Control System: Git, Putty, Linux Terminal

SSH Control System: Vim, Sublime, Codeblocks, Linux Text Editor

CMS based Web Design: Wordpress, Ghost, Jekyll

Programming Language: C, Python, Javascript

My first programming experience was with Python. I learned Python 3 as a beginner.

Markup Languages: HTML, CSS, Markdown, PHP

I use HTML, PHP in web-design and Markdown for document writing.


Online Shop Site (ongoing); I am using Magento 2 for this project.

Wordpress Open Source theme (ongoing); I am using the Open Source framework for this project.